We live in a time that demands advocacy for one’s beliefs and values.

The Red Carpet is a uniquely powerful Platform that can provide meaningful opportunities for Philanthropy, Advocacy and Awareness for Causes that need us Today.

We are using The Red Carpet for Good.

we are rad.

We infuse Platforms with Purpose to create Social Good.
We design Partnerships between Talent + Brands + Non-Profits with the sole purpose of raising Money + Awareness for Charities.

TALENT use their Influence + Platforms to support the causes they believe in. Or we help them find new causes to champion.
BRANDS use their Marketing Dollars + Platforms in culturally relevant, bona fide ways, that create Social Impact + Engagement.
NON-PROFITS achieve Measurable Impact from fans, who are inspired and activated by the Authentic Advocacy we generate.

is the key to RAD's mission of using Platforms as Opportunities to inspire people to get involved and give back: to donate, to volunteer, to share with friends, to blow up their social media!

THAT’s how we move the needle of change.

And THAT’s being RAD!


moments that become movements

By partnering with us to use The Red Carpet, Hollywood’s golden platform,

As a priceless opportunity to Advocate for Charities and Causes that will benefit immensely from an artist’s public support.

- RAD infuses the carpet with a higher purpose

- RAD associates Glamour with Giving

- RAD shows the world you are modern + culturally relevant

So why wouldn’t you be RAD?



By using Content — Social Media, Branded Entertainment, Films, TV Shows, Podcasts

As priceless opportunities to Advocate for Charities and Causes that will benefit immensely from the information that is shared about them.

- RAD infuses content and media with a higher purpose

- RAD creates content that celebrates inclusivity, diversity, and individuality (because these are the new standards for relevance and this is being RAD!)


communities that amplify movements

By partnering with us to use an event, event series, festival or conference

As a priceless opportunity to Advocate for Charities and Causes that will benefit immensely from the information that is shared about them and the activations we generate to support their mission.

- RAD infuses events with a higher purpose 

- RAD creates events with Integrity, that are Authentic in their philanthropic intention, and that deliver results


sales that fund movements

By using Products and their Sales Channels + Content Platforms

As priceless opportunities to raise money for Charities and Causes that will benefit immensely from the financial support and awareness that retailers can provide through their commerce channels and consumer touch points

- RAD infuses products and sales platforms with a higher purpose and generates content rooted in social responsibility.

- RAD shows your clients you are doing good for their world and communities.

- RAD attracts clients thru causes

- RAD will collaborate with you to create products for good. 100% of profits from all RAD products benefit charity


100% RAD!

100% of every donation RAD secures goes directly to the benefitting Non-Profit. No commissions. No hidden fees.

How does RAD get paid?
We charge a 15% admin fee, which is paid by the brand and is in addition to the donation money, which will never be touched nor compromised. This covers our time, expenses, access and unique insight in creating and executing relevant, powerful partnerships that are custom designed to create maximum impact. 

Does RAD give back?
Yes! We proudly donate 33% of our fees to charity. Philanthropy is both our mission and our equal partner at RAD. We’re in this with you and will always do our part in doing good! #doradberad